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Gold Hair Collection

Victoria Baby

Victoria Baby

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Gold Hair Collection High Quality Hair Toppers.

This beautiful piece provides ultimate coverage for those suffering from hair thinning at the crown. Made with a breathable silk base for unwavering comfort and long lasting wear. A crown of silk lace allows you to completely tailor this look to match your style; part it anywhere you’d like! Our hair toppers are designed for daily use. 

  • Hair type: 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Longevity: Manufacturer guarantees 9 months warranty with diligent care.
  • In our experience, some hair toppers have lasted for over 4 years.
  • Shampoo your topper less frequently, and moisturise regularly with moisture foam, to increase life.
  • Texture: Straight



There might be a slight difference in the colour of the topper depending on your computer screen colour tone. They can only be coloured to a darker shade than the original colour, the toppers cannot be bleached or lightened. Always consult your hair stylist in the salon before deciding to dye your topper.

Home Care: 

Hair Toppers need plenty of hydration. Ensure you regularly use moisture foams and oil sprays to ensure longevity!

This will maintain it looking soft and shiny, the topper will then last longer and always look realistic. Use Moisture foams and oil sprays on your topper when wet and dry then use your fingers or brush gently. You can moisturise and oil your topper every wear if you wish. I certainly do (Amy)

Styling & Customisation

This Hair Topper can be styled by your Hairdresser! And if you're in Brisbane, visit our very own salon Gold Hair Collection and book an appointment. We have the Hair Topper available for you to try on at our salon and we can style it to suit your needs.

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