How to Wear & Remove Your Topper

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1. Make sure all four (4) clips are open before you place your Topper on.
2. Comb your fringe area forward & Clip the front clip in first.
3. Line up the back clip to look suitable in a mirror. Notice the part line
4. Place the side two (2) clips down.
- We recommend a loose fit to avoid stressing your natural hair.

1. Make sure all four (4) clips are open before you take your Topper off.
2. Jiggle or roll it off gently.


What is the difference between Small Base Short Length, Small Base Long Length, Long Base Short Length and Long Base Long Length?

The large base has twice as much hair as the small base giving you maximum volume. The small base will give you light coverage and light volume.

Small Base Dimensions: 3" x 5"

Large Base Dimensions: 5.5" x 6"

Short Hair Length: 5" - 6"

Long Hair Length: 12" - 16"


How long do Gold Hair Collection Hair Toppers last?

  • Manufacturer guarantees 9 months warranty with diligent care.
  • In our experience, hair toppers last for over 4 years.
  • Shampoo your topper less frequently, and moisturise regularly with moisture foam, to increase life.


Are Gold Hair Collection Hair Toppers 100% Human Hair?

Yes! Made with a breathable silk base for unwavering comfort, our toppers are made from 100% Remy Human Hair. 


How do I care for my Hair Topper?

Hair Toppers need plenty of hydration. Ensure you regularly use moisture foams and oil sprays to ensure longevity!

This will maintain it looking soft and shiny, the topper will then last longer and always look realistic. Use Moisture foams and oil sprays on your topper when wet and dry then use your fingers or brush gently. You can moisturise and oil your topper every wear if you wish. I certainly do (Amy). 


Can I wear the Hair Topper myself?

Yes! Your Hair topper can be easily clipped on without any help.


Can my Hair Topper be dyed?

Yes! However they can only be coloured to a darker shade than the original colour.

The toppers cannot be bleached or lightened. Always consult your hair stylist in the salon before deciding to dye your topper.


How often do I wash my Hair Topper?

You should wash a human hair topper about every 6-8 weeks, or 7-10 wears. Many people who wear human hair toppers daily, found this routine to be successful in cool weather, and may wash more frequently in hot weather.


  1. Fill a bucket or sink with COLD water and shampoo (size of a 10c piece).
  2. Dip the Topper into the water 6-8 times and rinse. 
  3. Roll in a towel to squeeze out excess moisture. 
  4. Condition generously and leave in for 5 minutes. 
  5. Rinse in cold water. 
  6. Roll in towel to squeeze out excess moisture.
  7. Add Moisturiser OR Leave in Spray, then heat protector and oil.
  8. Run through with your fingers like a comb.
  9. Let the Topper dry naturally or blow dry. Call us to purchase a mannequin head for styling if needed.

Can I return or exchange my Hair Topper?

We understand that picking the right color might be a bit difficult when choosing from a computer screen, so we are happy to exchange your unopened Gold Hair Collection set for a set of the right color within thirty (30) days of you receiving your order. 

Due to hygienic reasons we only exchange items that have not been opened, worn or tampered with.


How long does Shipping take?

Shipping times are subject to your location, click here to calculate your shipping times from Brisbane Australia 4000.


How do I track my postage?

Once we have posted your order, we will email you the tracking number associated with your order.

If you don’t receive your tracking number within 5 days of placing your order, please message us directly on our Facebook Page or fill out a contact form on the ‘Contact us’ page here on the website. 


Where do you ship from?

We ship directly out of our hair salon in Mount Ommaney in Brisbane, Australia. We provide Free Express Shipping to all Australian states!


Daily Use Tips


  • Usually, the Topper is best worn an inch off the hairline. It can also be worn at the front.
  • If your Topper has been in a box, use water to change the part or freshen the fringe and then use a hair dryer.
  • Toppers do not require a lot of product. Hair spray will shorten their life.
  • Minimise the use of blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. 
  • Increased heat exposure may reduce the life of your Topper. 
    • We recommend 190 degrees maximum heat.
  • Always brush the Topper in a downward motion. 
  • Use a special brush for Toppers (soft bristle brush).  Call us to purchase a brush. 0419001165
  • It is best to start at the ends of your hair and when all tangles are removed, gently work your way up.
  • Avoid rubbing your hair frequently or it may become tangled or damaged.
  • If you would like to perm or colour your hair, we recommend consulting a Hair Professional. 
  • We recommend not to sleep or swim with a Hair Topper.
  • We recommend avoiding long exposure to chlorine and salt water. It is recommended to wear a swim cap if possible or wear your hair up to keep it out of the water.
  • We recommend tying your Hair Topper in a ponytail during exercise to avoid tangling.
  • After swimming, it is best to Shampoo and Condition your Hair Topper immediately. 
  • Shampoo your Hair topper approximately every 20-40 wears. They need lots of moisture & oil little washing. 
  • Moisturise the Hair topper approximately every 7 wears.
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