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Milkshake Lifestyle Eco HairSpray 250ml

Milkshake Lifestyle Eco HairSpray 250ml

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milk_shake Lifestyling Strong Eco Hairspray 250ml is an extra strong hold hairspray designed for colour-treated hair that gives structure to the hair with exceptional shine while protecting it from humidity and external aggressors.

This hairspray is quick to dry, easily brushed out, and does not leave residue on the hair. Its hold, volume, and shine are rated at 3, making it perfect for those who want a strong hold hairspray that maintains their hair's volume and style.

What are the benefits and features of milk_shake Lifestyling Strong Eco Hairspray 250ml?

  • Quinoa Proteins protect hair colour and prevent colour from fading, increase manageability, and give shine to the hair.
  • Integrity 41, a patented formula that contains sunflower seed extract, protects from free radicals and stress factors that can damage the hair.
  • Organic Fruit Extracts are protective, invigorating, emollient, and conditioning for the scalp.
  • Milk Proteins are supplementary action, protective, and conditioning, giving strength and resistance to the hair fibre.
  • UV Filter protects from UV rays that dehydrate the hair and cause colour fading.
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