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Genetix Reborn REPAIR FX 60 Second Intensive Treatment 125ml | 1 Litre

Genetix Reborn REPAIR FX 60 Second Intensive Treatment 125ml | 1 Litre

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Get ultimate hair health with the new Genetix Reborn Repair FX 60 second intensive treatment that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to help repair any damage or dryness caused by colouring, heat styling, chemical services or environmental effects. Our most beautifully scented, easy to use and performant intensive treatment ever.

The cortex is the thickest layer of the hair follicle, and the cuticle is the outer most protective layer. The cortex is responsible for your hair’s strength and moisture. Unlike conditioner that smooths only the surface of the hair, Repair FX goes much deeper to add essential moisture and nourish these hair structures to repair even the most brittle hair to a smooth and flowing state.

Repair FX will help to lock in a fresh colour and provide ongoing heat protection when styling. These positive effects of Repair FX are also much longer lasting then traditional conditioners. It leaves your hair feeling stronger with more natural elasticity and smooths the surface of the hair creating a beautiful natural sheen.

Repair FX will structurally enhance your hair from root to tip while also giving you increased hair manageability. Repair FX will condition and strengthen all hair types without weighing the hair down. It can simply be used instead of your normal conditioner, or when you feel your hair needs a bit of extra help.

This intensive 60 second treatment provides ongoing protection from the elements and styling. Free from SLS, parabens, and ingredients that deplete Mother Nature. Cruelty free, no animal testing Sulfate free, Vegan friendly and 100% Australian born, made and owned.

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